Taking a loan can be a very important decision for your business. It is common to associate credit with something negative, especially for individuals. An assessment at http://antennagames.com

But what many do not know is that lending can also be a form of investment, bringing more return, potential or more security to your business. However, the most frequently asked question about this is: when does my business need credit?

In order to answer this question, we have decided to cite and explain here some of the main reasons for taking credit. Come on?

Working capital

Working capital


Working capital is one of the most important concepts and tools for any company. Therefore, having it in the blue is critical to ensuring that the business is secure and has good potential for future growth.

Having control of working capital is critical to eliminating this risk.

Quite directly, working capital is that resource the company has to spend quickly and immediately . It is all the assets that the company has that can easily be converted into a pending payment feature.

This includes, of course, cash money. But it also includes highly liquidated investments, receivables and others.

So working capital is important because it determines how much the company has to spend at any given time. Businesses that work with a smaller margin are exposed to financial risk. On the other hand, companies that have good working capital have greater guarantees of staying longer.

This is because it is working capital that determines how long the company survives if there is a drop in revenue . In a country with such instability and crises, this concept is paramount.

Therefore, a loan to raise or maintain working capital is an excellent initiative and a step that can be essential for the security of the company.




Often a business needs to expand rapidly. The time was right and the opportunity presented itself. Be it an idea that comes up in the market or an innovative product, you have to take the chance while it exists.

In this case, the company may opt for a loan for expansion . This should be seen as an investment. If a credit is taken to expand, this is a resource that is spent to receive a higher return in the future. It is the very definition of an investment.

The advantage is that expansion can bring both long term and short term returns , depending on the scope of the project. For this, choosing a loan with the best interest is crucial to increase the profit margin.




Refinancing is the practice of taking out one loan to cover another . If a credit has already been taken, your company may choose to replace that debt with a cheaper one to lessen its impact.

To do this, the company needs to make sure that the line to which it is migrating is smaller than the previous line .

Fortunately, today there are more advantageous ways to get loans. Banks, for example, charge very high interest rates, while P2P or end-to-end lending has cheaper interest rates and more affordable terms.

It’s a great way to get the loans your business may need in the future.